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Our search engine optimization programs would be completely worthless to you if we didn't re-design your website to convert better. Our internet marketing specialists have been working in the industry for over a decade and know exactly how to set up a website to entice your visitors to buy your product or sign up for your service. Some of this is about the look of your site but much of it is the result of how easy it is to navigate through.

The look of a website is created with a combination of colors, special effects, video, logos, banners, and call to action links or buttons placed in the right section of the page. Design elements can be just inches apart and affect the number of conversions you get dramatically. At Elite SEO Marketing we have design professionals who know exactly how to set up a website to make sure it converts for you. That only comes from years of experience.

To attain good organic rankings using search engine optimization, the navigation path of a website needs to be clean and make sense. Is it difficult to travel from page to page? Are there "dead ends" on your website where visitors hit a cul-de-sac they can't get out of? Is the content relevant to your industry? These are all factors that must be taken into account by the web designer when we are creating or re-designing your website.

As far as special effects are concerned, flash may look cool but it doesn't really give you any advantage in the SEO process. Videos can if they're relevant and content certainly does. The mix on each individual page is what separates the amateur web designer from one who has search engine marketing experience. Our websites are clean and function properly, offering a user friendly experience and improving your organic rankings when indexed.

Let Elite SEO Marketing take a look at your website and we'll make some recommendations to improve its look and increase your conversion rate. Our organic SEO techniques will bring you the traffic and our web designers will make sure that you reap the rewards for making the changes. Doing business on the internet is all about return on investment (ROI) and web design is one investment that will bring you instant results.

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