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We are pleased to announce that we are adding Website Design, Website Development, and Website Creation to our list of expertise. We understand that many people think Website Design, Website Development, and Website Creation sound alike, but there are many differences, and we will explain this below.

Website Design is quite literally the design process. This includes page layout: where the images, titles, text, links, advertisements, etc. will go on the page. And trust us when we say: it is important where something goes. Studies show that most everyone looks at the top left corner of the computer screen. Look at most websites you go to, what is at the top left corner of the screen? It is probably the company's logo. Why is that? It's so you as a consumer know whose website you are visiting.

The next thing in Website Design is site layout. Ever had an issue finding content you wanted to get to on a website? Yea, that's poor Website Design. No website's pages should be buried under twenty other pages. This discourages people from using that site. We won't make that mistake or let you make that mistake. Every page should be easily accessible within one or two links.

Website Development is the actual workings of the website. This includes internal links and whether or not they work, or whether or not the menu items act as they should when they are moused over or clicked. Many of us have been to a site that was frustrating to navigate because some of the internal links went nowhere. Or many of the menu items had a very small hard to find spot that you had to click to get it to take you to that page. We make sure to thoroughly test all internal links and menu items before a site ever goes live.

Website Development is, also, used to determined when flash animations, videos, or another site's advertisements play. Many of us have also been to a website that accosted us with blazing flash, pop-ups, etc. Unfortunately, these sites are lacking in the Website Development department. Having advertising, videos, and flash animations on a website is great and wonderful, but it needs to be handled in such a way that potential customers are not feeling accosted every time they visit a site with them on it. We will make it happen.

Website Creation is taking Website Design and Website Development and bringing a website to life with them. Website Creation is an art form in of itself. Many companies only deal with Website Design or Website Development, or think they mean the same thing. We know the difference, and we can bring it all together smoothly to give your website a life you never thought possible.

Remember, we are an SEO company first and foremost: it is what we have been doing the longest. By adding Website Creation to our list of expertise, we can easily SEO the content of the website as it is developed rather than fixing it later, saving you time and money.

Examples of our Website Development work
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