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Video Landing Pages

The newest product from Elite SEO Marketing might just be our most powerful tool yet to increase your conversion rate and help capture visitors in a way that will separate you from your competitors. Home pages are not meant to be landing pages and standard landing pages with just text and even flash are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Video landing pages will bring your website into the future.

There are many ways to bring traffic to your website but they won’t bring you any business unless you can capture the attention of the visitor within a few seconds and hold it long enough for them to read about what you have to offer. The attention span of internet users gets shorter and shorter as technology improves and society speeds up. A video instead of just a written page will accomplish that.

They say that a picture paints a thousand words. Just imagine what a video can do. One of our most successful techniques is combining a video landing page with a sign up or email opt-in box that your visitors will know to use because the video tells them to. You’ll have no trouble determining what constitutes a conversion because your database will contain the names and email addresses of those who watched your video.

As a Search Engine Optimization specialist, Elite SEO Marketing has to stay current on all new technology that is developed in the search engine marketing industry. Video is indexed and ranked by search engine algorithms just as text is. Those who know what the search engines are looking for are the companies that will be able to bring yours to the top of page one. Elite SEO Marketing is one of those companies.

Ask about our Video Landing Page service as a stand-alone service or as part of a search engine optimization campaign. Enhance the power of your website with the latest technology available. YouTube is the fourth most visited site on the web because internet users prefer video over all other previously popular mediums. Make your website come alive with video landing pages and see the difference in your numbers.

Examples of our Video Landing Pages Design

Blogger's paycheck Blogger's paycheck Blogger's paycheck Blogger's paycheck

Blogger's paycheck

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