I recommend Elite Marketing Solutions because, after looking over other companies Elite had the most realist goal and they use methods that are real not a quick fix (cheating)


Our traffic has definitely increased in the last year since working with Elite. I'm certain it's due to our organic listing on Page 1 of any search for our services, and popping up on ancillary websites.


-Jacqueline Porter www.parkcitiesdance.com

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SEO Marketing is making a tremendous impact in how we reach people. We see a higher amount of traffic to our website. Also, our customer service representative communicates clearly and effectively and responds to our needs quickly and efficiently.

- Heart of the Canyons Church:www.heartofthecanyons.com

My Name is Bob. I had hired a couple of web site optimizers for roughly $500- $1,500 each. Both claimed to have saved my business, but I really didn't see much benefit. I was concerned as most searches didn't bring me up in the first 10 pages. My first conversation with Rich Sihilling of Elite SEO Marketing lasted for about 2 hours. I wanted to know what I was getting and wasn't about to buy until he told me.


- Mirror Shower and Glass: www.mirrorshowerandglass.com

My name is Jessica Wilson and I had the pleasure of working with Elite Marketing for my SEO needs. I must admit at first I was a bit skeptical about using a marketing company to provide SEO marketing for me. After speaking to Rich Sihilling he did put my mind at ease. He was quick to answer all my questions and I can tell from speaking to him that he was going to deliver what he promised.


- Cat Wong Studio: www.catwongstudio.com

Thanks to Doug and Elite SEO Marketing, my vocal studio has been gaining higher visibility and traffic. Bottom-line, my business revenue has grown remarkably in my first 4 months alone. By mid-year, I will be on pace to double what I made last year at the same time. Wow! If you want results and quality feedback, Elite has proven to deliver. In this internet age, investing in the right marketing tools is a no-brainer."

- CusZoom Pool Tables N' More: www.cuszoom.com

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