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I am the owner of Spotless & Seamless Exteriors Inc, an exterior remodeling company serving Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I received a call from Elite SEO about 2 years ago, offering a guaranteed placement of our company on the first page of Yahoo and Google. I usually don't trust guarantees but I decided to give them a chance. After a short period of time our company website, www.nomoreseams.com, already had a great placement and some of our keywords were on the first page #1. I was very surprised, that is when Elite SEO gained my trust. Since then my sales rep Eugene has always been in touch with me, making sure that we do everything to maintain these first placements. Now our company is getting quite a few leads from customers searching for our products in the Twin Cities area. What we paid Elite SEO has already paid itself off long time ago.

I already recommended Elite SEO to couple of my friends, who own landscaping businesses. I, as an owner, could not be more pleased with the excellent results our company had because of their services. In fact, the condominium project we are signing next month for $600,000 came from Googling our product online. Elite SEO also helped our company with Blogs and some website changes to make sure we are ahead of our competition. I am so pleased with their services, that I am willing to give my phone number to call and talk to me.

Hope this helps you as a business to grow and be successful, but don't forget that Elite SEO can't do everything for you. A lot depends on you.

- Alex : www.nomoreseams.com


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