Why did you decide to choose Elite SEO Marketing?

The sales person was very persistent. I knew nothing of SEO, just knew that I was getting bombarded with written requests to do ours. Because she called me, I was more forced to deal with the topic of SEO. Through a series of rushed phone chats over a few months, during which I broke our phone date a few times, on the 5th time I finally decided to talk to her. She answered all my questions, then got Doug on the phone. Doug was excellent. I knew I was in good hands, and that it was the right timely decision for me and my company.

What were your expectations, and how well did we meet them (So far…)? My expectations were to be ripped off, and to pay yet again for something I would not receive. I was completely taken by surprise when Elite SEO Marketing got me on Page 1. But ... that is what Doug told me he'd deliver, and what I had signed up for, and what Elite SEO Marketing DID Deliver. I was thrilled. What benefits did you get from working with us?

Our traffic has definitely increased in the last year since working with Elite. I'm certain it's due to our organic listing on Page 1 of any search for our services, and popping up on ancillary websites. Who should consider signing up for our services? Everyone!

Sincerely, Jacqueline Porter Founder


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