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Dear Doug,

After several years of steady growth with relatively high advertising costs, I was trying to find a way to continue to expand without throwing even more money at the advertising budget. It was during that time a few years ago that I received a phone call from Elite SEO Marketing. They sounded like a solution to my ever increasing pay per click costs and the fact that I had no web presence in the top 10 search results of any relevant search. I signed up with them and paid for a year of services. Not long after that I noticed that I was ranking in the top 10 organic listings for several searches, and over the next few months those and several other rankings rose to the number 1 search result. My pay per click budget all but went away over the next few months, and my client acquisition rose steadily. For the second year I called Doug my account manager to renew and told him that I wanted the same thing as the first year, but more of it. That is exactly what we have done. I have not spent one penny on pay per click in almost a year now, I have reduced my costly aggressive listings on the websites for Superpages and Yellowpages, and my advertising budget has gone back to a manageable size. Anyone who wants to spend less time worrying about their company's marketing but have MORE effective marketing can benefit from the SEO services provided by Doug and the team at Elite SEO Marketing.

Thanks Doug - and thanks Elite!

- Michael Young, Computer C.P.R: www.computercprllc.com


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