Direct contact with customers or potential customers is a preferred method of marketing for many companies. Elite SEO Marketing has telemarketing professionals available if this is something you would like to do to promote your product or service. A phone call and a thirty second presentation by our callers will present what you have to offer in a way that simple advertising just cannot do. The conversion numbers we see after a phone call are far higher than those that we see from a cold visit.

There are different types of telemarketing and our call center managers at Elite SEO Marketing are familiar with all of them. The first is the standard call to close a sale, usually good for companies with products priced under $100. There is also the promotional call, a call to let people know about an upcoming sale or a new product coming out and the survey call, where we do market research and ask your potential customers what they would like in a product or service from you.

Hiring and training your own telemarketers is expensive and not recommended unless you're planning on using them as a permanent part of your sales force. Even then, the cost of employee benefits and the headache of managing a call center will most likely make it a poor investment of both your money and your time. Let us handle the headaches for you. Our telemarketers are already trained and you can hire us for far less than it will cost you to do it yourself.

Elite SEO Marketing offers our customers more than just search engine optimization. Organic SEO is our specialty and we recommend it for anyone who does business online, but our goal is to offer you a variety of marketing services that will all improve your bottom line. Telemarketing is one of those services. Our call center professionals can present your product, promote your events and sales, or survey your target market for you. It's an affordable and effective method of generating new sales and bringing in new visitors to your retail location or website.

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