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Social Bookmarking can be a vast source of inbound backlinks for a website and an incredibly easy way to build backlinks. For the most part inbound backlinks and backlinks are interchangeable. However, building backlinks is the process of creating inbound backlinks for a website. Also backlinks simply means links that point to a particular website.

Social Bookmarking is a very specific form of social media marketing. Sites like Reddit, Stumble Upon, Digg, etc. are sites in which people go to find news worthy articles. These sites are prime examples of Social Bookmarking sites. Social Bookmarking works extremely well in conjunction with article submission, by submitting articles to a site like Ezarticles.com and then bookmarking it on Reddit, Stumble, Digg, etc. it effortlessly increases the number of inbound backlinks, to a specific website, that are created.

Another awesome ability of Social Bookmarking sites is that websites can get live feeds from them. This helps keep the website data as fresh as possible without doing a major content overhaul every couple of weeks. This means customers can get some of the news they are looking for a lot easier. Another important factor is that websites with Twitter and Facebook accounts can link their accounts with the Social Bookmarking sites to further increase their exposure to their target audience.

Inbound backlinks are votes in a website's favor. The more the website has, and the longer those links are around the more weight they carry for search engines. However, they must be from sites relevant to the website they point to. Having inbound backlinks from link farms and sites banned by Google can get a website penalized, if they are not careful. We can make sure that only sites relevant to our clients' and that are acceptable by Google's standards have links pointing to their sites.

To build backlinks effectively, we use a special system of article submissions and Social Bookmarking, as previously mentioned. One of the key factors to building backlinks is the anchor text in the link itself. Anchor text is the actual text used when a hyperlink is created. For instance in the link: www.eliteseomarketing.com, the anchor text of the link is www.eliteseomarketing.com. Here is a better example: We Build Backlinks, so you don't have to. The anchor text is "Build Backlinks". While having a company's website as the anchor text of a link is a good thing, it is much better to have the keywords they are optimizing for be the anchor text. IT makes it much more relevant to a search engine when it sees it.

Social Bookmarking makes it very easy to create thousands of inbound backlinks in as soon as a month. The main issue we are faced with since the Penguin update by Google, is that to build backlinks, now we have to make sure it looks as natural as possible. Which means making sure that our link building process is steady and not sporadic.

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