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Would you like to tell the world what you have to offer them? A press release is a one page document that does just that. It can be used to announce the opening of your new company, a seasonal sale, or some changes you've made that your customers should know about. It's a page of content that needs to be newsworthy, or at the very least sound newsworthy, so that readers everywhere will stop and peruse it for useful information.

Search engine marketing is done by combining a number of different strategies and advertising mediums to bring both instant and long term traffic to your website. Press releases are a search engine marketing tactic, but they are also a valuable search engine optimization tool. The link that the press release gives you for search algorithms carries more weight as more readers look at it and the press release itself may rank fairly high for its respective keywords.

The value of any media you put out for your company will be determined by the number of hits you get on it. Some of this has to do with the industry you're in and how high profile it is, but a lot of the responses you get will be reading your press release because of the headline. Headlines sell. They worked for the newspaper industry for centuries and they will work for you. We analyze your website and look for your most noteworthy feature and then we emphasize it in the headline so that people will want to read about it.

Our writers take care of the rest. Quality content is so important to the entire organic SEO process that we make sure we always have only the very best writers in the industry producing our press releases, articles, blog postings and content pages. Our writers understand how to write a press release in a way that it comes across as news but promotes your company at the same time. This is an art form, but like other services at Elite SEO Marketing, it's one we have experience in. Ask about this service for your business today as part of our regular organic SEO packages.

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