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As you've probably learned by now, backlinks are necessary for a successful SEO and Online Marketing Campaign. You may have also learned that you can't just use any old backlinks. Backlinks must be relevant to your industry, business, products, services, or concepts. Not only that, but ideally they should be from sources that are already respected, trusted, and have high page ranks (PR) themselves. This is important for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, by using high PR backlinks from reliable websites, you build up your own credibility by being associated with that website. Because they are credible, you must , also, be a credible source of information, provide a quality service, or have a worthwhile product.

Secondly, a website with a high PR has a high number of page visitors. By having a high PR backlink, you ensure that your website backlinks will be seen by a high number of website visitors to that page. This, of course, naturally increases the visibility of your own website.

It's, also, important to have a wide variety of high PR links. While having lots of high PR backlinks will help you in the short-term, having a limited variety of backlinks, even high PR backlinks, can actually hurt you in the long run. Eventually, the search engines will consider your site less worthy because all of your backlinks are from similar sources. It's important that your backlinks be diversified. We help you do this by creating high PR backlinks from not only .com sites, but, also, .edu and .gov sites, as well. Edu and Gov backlinks are important because there are requirements to be met before a website can even have a .edu or .gov extension. Not just anyone can have one. This makes .edu and .gov websites automatically trusted by the search engines, and even more importantly, trusted by the public. This means both the public and the search engines will put a lot of trust in backlinks found on .edu and .gov websites. These are very important high PR backlinks to aquire.

We have over 10 years of experience in the SEO and Internet Marketing field, which allows us to easily and successfully create a natural and organic high PR backlinking campaign for your website. We will make sure that you are not only getting lots of backlinks, but that you are getting the appropriate high PR backlinks that will help boost your websites visibility, credibility, and page rankings to the top of the search engine results pages.

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