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Just a little bit of research into SEO will tell you that backlinks are very important for gaining higher rankings for your website. You'll also learn that where your backlinks come from is very important. Your backlinks are of the most value to your rankings when they come from relevant and highly respected websites. For example, a recommendation and backlink from a friend's blog about cats isn't very relevant if your website is about car repair. On the other hand, getting a backlink from a highly trafficked blog about car repair is extremely relevant. Another source for high PR backlinks is to use .gov backlinks.

Gov backlinks are important regardless of whether they are entirely relevant to your industry. The important part of .gov sites is that they are government websites. Despite what pop culture may think about the government, government websites are highly trusted resources for information and direction. Unlike .com, .net, or .biz websites, which can be used by anyone, .gov website extensions can only be used by institutions, facilities, and entities that are owned or operated by the government.

Government institutions are expected to be informed, up-to-date, and authoritative on the information that they provide. Government websites are usually regularly maintained, so they are updated frequently. Presumably, their information is therefore current and accurate. While this may or may not be actually true, we're talking about public perceptions here. In addition, .gov websites are trusted by educational institutions and their websites are considered primary sources of information for research. Therefore, a .gov backlink is more respected by the public, as well as highly valued by the search engines because of their trusted reputation for providing useful information to website visitors.

Government websites usually have a high page rank because people will automatically check them for information and resources about a wide variety of topics. This means that .gov websites often show up high on the search engine results for informational topic searches. This naturally high traffic ensures that their backlinks are also highly frequented by information seekers. Just having one .gov backlink can be worth as much or more ranking power as hundreds of lower quality backlinks.

As with other kinds of backlinks, .gov backlinks should be created through natural looking and organic processes. With our over 10 years in the industry, we have literally years of experience at working with backlinking, including gaining particularly relevant .gov backlinks.

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