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There are literally thousands of local, regional, national and international directories on the web and a  high percentage of them are good places to list your business. The rest are not, and they will cost you in the organic SEO process if you place your link there, essentially affiliating you with that directory. Many of these directories are no more than link farms that were developed in years past for companies that were doing automated submissions.

Link farms and other similar directories have been banned by most major search engines and are not included in the algorithms used to calculate your organic rankings. Only legitimate directories are counted and our teams at Elite SEO Marketing know which directories those are. We will do a submission process for you that will help you, not hurt you, and should even bring some additional referred traffic your way in addition to providing a quality link.

In years past, consumers looked in the Yellow Pages for a listing when they were shopping for a specific product or service. Today the Yellow Pages is online and it's in full color with videos and flashy banner ads attached to it. You can click a link on a Yellow Page listing and get an interactive map that will take you to the physical location of the business. This is the modern day equivalent of that big yellow book that you used to look to for contact information.

There are thousands of directories just like that. Some are city or state directories and some are national or cross international lines. Some are industry specific, or niche directories. These can provide great links for organic SEO because they are so relevant to what you have to offer. Accurately matching your business to the right directory is an important part of the process. Elite SEO Marketing knows how to do this and we have a list of all the directories in your particular industry that we can submit your business to. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you.

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