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Your blog is a direct line of communication with your customers. Creating a blog and attaching it to your website is one of our first orders of business for any organic SEO marketing campaign and is essential to success on the internet today. If your competitors are posting on their blog regularly and you don't have one, you do not have a chance to attain that top search engine placement on Page One. Content is king when it comes to algorithmic calculations for page rank and a blog is the way to always add more quality content.

Think of your website as a small spot on a large flat surface. The smaller the spot, the more difficult it is to see. We can point at it over and over again but if it's too small those who are looking for it may still miss it. Adding content to your website makes that spot bigger and easier to find. That's why we create a custom blog for you, so you or we can expand your site and make it more visible to search engines when they come to index it.

That's as simple an explanation as we can come up with for the importance of a blog to your website. The other consideration is quality and relevance of content on your blog. Sites are given their organic rankings by search engines using a complicated formula called an algorithm. The Google and Yahoo algorithms are secret formulas but we know that quality score is a major variable in them. Quality score is measured by the relevance and quantity of content you have and compared to others in your industry using the same criteria.

In other words, you need to have more pages on your site than your competitors and they need to contain relevant content. Our writers can take care of the content end for you and we can create a custom blog where we can add pages daily. Part of our organic SEO efforts will be to invite the search engines to index as often as possible so the content we add will improve your search engine placement position. Custom blogs are just one more tool that Elite SEO Marketing can use to bring you to Page One.

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