Anchor Text with Back-Links from High Relevant PR pages

Anchor text is the highlighted words that you see on a page which are actually click-able links. It can be used to create internal links on your website and also external links that jump to other sites. For search engine marketing, anchor text can be used to create a link back to your site from other bodies of content such as articles and social bookmarking descriptions. The anchor text is embedded in the content and turns one directory link into multiple individual links for you.

When you're posting content at an external site or directory, anchor text can be used to point at different landing pages within your website. If you're promoting a wide range of products, we'll have our writers create articles on the market itself with anchor text pointing at the individual pages that promote your different products. While reading, users may click on the link and end up viewing a page of your site, eliminating the need for them to get all the way to the resource box.

If you go to Wikipedia, you'll notice a number of words highlighted in each of the main pages that describe encyclopedia entries. Most of these connect to other pages within the Wikipedia encyclopedia but some go to outside sites. This is one of the most effective uses of anchor text as Wikipedia is a website with high traffic that gets good weight in the algorithmic formulas that are used to calculate search engine placement.

Elite SEO Marketing, with over ten years in the industry, has learned the most effective ways to use anchor text and where it is allowed or not allowed. It's a great way to disguise links or offer multiple links in one document without crowding the document with dozens of different URL's. Employing this as part of our overall search engine marketing strategy will raise your total link count and improve your search engine placement position.

Our goal as an SEO company is to bring your business to the top of Page One with each of the major search engines. Anchor text is yet another weapon in our arsenal that we can arm you with to achieve that. Combined with our other organic SEO services, a decade of knowledge, and some creative professional writers, we are able to do for our clients what very few other SEO companies can do.

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