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A Video Landing Page is a page specifically optimized for a specific search query that contains a video that plays as soon as the page loads before leading visitors to the Home Page or other specific pages. Since we build Landing Pages on a regular basis, and offer Video Creation for our clients, it is relatively easy for us to build a Video Landing Page.

Video Landing Pages are incredibly useful for establishing a connection with a target audience or to further enhance a company's relationship with its existing customer base. Putting a face with a name can help with product branding as well. Think of Ronald McDonald and the McDonald's company. How many kids beg to not only be taken to McDonald's, but to be taken on the day of a Ronald McDonald visit? Marketing has always been about branding. Think of the all the diehard Coca-Cola fans, or diehard Pepsi fans. Brand loyalty means a lot to the public. They come to expect a certain quality of product, and in return, they only buy that brand. It could be your company that has such loyal, diehard fans and customers.

Video Creation can be very stressful for companies. It takes time to strategize what should be said and how it should be presented to potential customers as well as established customers. This is especially complicated if a company is new to video advertising and the like.

We can do the Video Creation for you, and by doing so, put a face with your name. Help you reach out to your specific target audience. And help you build a strong rapport with them. We can create videos for many things, "how-to's", informational, blog, advertising, etc. Whatever video you want to create, we will create it and build a Video Landing Page around it.

We build landing pages all the time for our clients. Landing pages are, in simple terms, a page optimized for people to see when they enter a search query in a search engine. While a whole site is optimized for a search engine, a landing page is a page designed around a specific set of keywords. Or, in this case it would be a video. It sounds easy, but it is a little more complicated than that. Remember, search engines do not see a video as we humans do, so there has to be some text for the search engines to see. We are experienced at handling all of these little details, so that our clients can focus on the day to day organizing and running of their business.

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