What is Reputation Management?

The Internet is a wonderful tool for spreading information and news quickly to a vast number of people. Unfortunately, just like any other tool, it can be used to spread false information and bad news quickly to a vast number of people, as well. People tend to believe what they read without confirming sources, and then they pass on the information to friends, family, co-workers, and other acquaintances. Nothing spreads faster than bad or negative news. And basic news already travels pretty quickly over the Internet.

The good news is that there are ways to counter the spread of false or bad news regarding your company or related company individuals, employees, or management staff. The idea behind reputation management online is to monitor the Internet for negative posts, comments, blogs, articles and so on and to counter them by either getting the false information removed or by providing the correct or more positive information in such a way as that it knocks the irrelevant information off the of the first pages of search engine content.

Our reputation management services are backed by our experience with search engine optimization techniques involving press releases, articles, blogging, social media marketing, and more. By having us as your reputation manager, we can make sure that negative messages about your business are pacified, and that the truth or more relevant, positive information is spread instead.

In this day and age, reputations can be made and lost online incredibly quickly. And people certainly love to spread negative gossip. But by closely monitoring your online reputation, the beginnings of a poor reputation online can be quickly and efficiently mitigated. Reputation management online can be accomplished easily by making sure that you are constantly sending out positive feedback about your company, services, products, or concepts by utilizing press releases, articles, blogs, and social media websites.

No matter how good your reputation is on or off line, a sneak attack on your reputation can be devastating. Countering a deliberate attack on your reputation is one of the most important parts of our reputation management service. If you are the target of a reputation attack, we analyze how you're being attacked to determine the possible culprits, such as competitors, disgruntled current or past employees, or other sources. We also determine how much damage has been done by the reputation attack. This information, plus keyword analysis, helps us to determine the size and scope of pacifying the threat. We then come up with a plan for you that we will implement to reduce the negative effects and turn them around to a positive outcome.

In some cases, if a specific culprit can be found and has spread easily proven false information; legal action may need to be taken, as well as, online measures. Aside from providing positive counter information, if there are violations of copywrites, trademarks, or use of business names, cease and desist orders and/or law suits may need to be filed.

Our reputation management services are here to protect your online reputation before, during, and after a potential disaster or deliberate attack happens to your company.

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