What is public relations?

To put it simply, public relations is the interfacing of information between a company, its customers, and the general public. Many people think of public relations as how well or how poorly a company or an organization relates to its customers and the public as a whole. This is a pretty accurate description. Many organizations and companies use public relations firms and public relations specialists to reach a target audience and, in turn, convince them to buy from, listen to, empathize with, or otherwise relate to them.

In the past, it was newspapers, magazines, television, and radio that were the only ways to reach out to any given target audience with public relations. Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet and, more importantly, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, anyone wanting to get a message out to the populace can do so on any or all these public mediums. The message they are sending has the ability to rapidly spread or "go viral." Take the pillow fight flash mob, for example. In 25 cities across the globe thousands of people participated in the world's largest pillow fight. This global flash mob was brought together by use of social media websites. This is just one example of the power available to any and everyone. Utilizing social media to maintain a public relations campaign will allow companies and organizations to reach millions of people across the globe with the simple push of a button.

This is what public relations specialists do. They help find the target audience or target audiences that are best suited for a particular company or organization. Then they work on the messages that the company wants to convey to their audiences. They build brand names, change public opinions, and, in general, build a strong rapport with the companies target audiences. Having a strong rapport with the public means that if something bad happens to a company, say a recall or an individual has a bad experience; it is less likely that they will lose much in the way of public opinion. This is the type of public relations that everyone strives to achieve: something major happens and they still come out on top. How your public relations campaign handles an unfortunate incident, can be just as important as how they handle" fair weather" marketing campaigns.

Our public relations campaigns focus on connecting you with your clients, customers, and potential customers. That is why choosing us as your public relations firm is the best choice you could ever make. We will help find the right target audience or audiences for you and your marketing niche. We make sure that your message is heard loud and clear across your target audiences. Not only will we help you reach out to your audience, by creating a connection between you and your public, we will assist you in the event of an incident to ensure that your audience will still be there sympathetically listening.

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