Press Release Writing and Distribution for Public Relations

As an experienced media relations firm, we often find when people hear the term "press release," they think of a statement being given by a company or celebrity spokesperson providing information about something new and exciting or to explain something scandalous that has supposedly happened to a panel of media reporters and newspapers. However, thanks to the Internet, press releases can be used for a whole lot more. As a top PR agency in Los Angeles, we can get your news out to not only the relevant media sources, but also directly to your potential customers and target audiences.

Sometimes also called online news releases, press releases are ways for you to share noteworthy information about your company, industry, or concept. This news can be used online to increase website visibility, raise search engine rankings, and drive more visitors to your website.

While traditional press releases were filtered by media figures, journalists, editors, publishers, or producers, online press releases are not subject to only media opinions. Instead, press releases are written to appeal to what customers and buyers find interesting or useful to know. This means that press releases are written and submitted more often than only when there is big or unfortunate news to relate or explain. Press releases can be written about new stores opening, charitable donations, an employee receiving a reward, a company anniversary, and lots more.

With our years of experience as a media relations firm, we can help you find news worthy topics for your press releases.

By including links to not only your website, but to relevant pages on your website in the press release, potential customers can quickly, easily, and conveniently find their way to your website. Links to your website that are added to your press release will also help improve your search engine rankings. In addition, press releases are written to include valuable keywords so that your press release is search engine friendly. This attention to multiple aspects of public relations as helped make us one of a top PR agency in Los Angeles.

Internet public relations is a growing concern for businesses due to search engines replacing newspapers and magazines as the number one way that people keep up with news. The Internet has also replaced phone books as the number one way that people search for products and services. Plus people look for general information in addition to looking for product and service providers. We write our press releases to present not only your company news, but a bit about what you can offer to potential customers. We also make sure that your press releases are distributed to the most relevant distribution sites to make sure they are highly visible online.

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