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Online Marketing and Website Marketing are our primary Marketing Services. For many people, the terms Online Marketing and Website Marketing mean the same thing, but this isn't entirely the case. The difference is that the website side is to generate traffic and reach the top of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, the online side, however, is all about targeting a specific audience and converting visitors to buyers.

Website Marketing includes website optimization for search engines and humans, PPC campaigns, link building, etc. A properly optimized website is integral to a website or online marketing campaign. It requires the right keywords and content relevancy. The website has to be easily indexed by the search engines, but it also has to be easy for a human to read.

Online Marketing deals with getting the company name out there as much as possible. These campaigns include; blogging, Twitter, Facebook, social bookmarking, article submissions, etc. Here is the kicker: all of these activities fall under link building. However, in this context it is not about promoting the website, per se. It is about establishing credibility as an authority in a particular business field. It is, also, a way for companies to reach out to customers and connect with them.

This is why Online Marketing and Website Marketing usually go hand and hand. It is incredibly hard to only do one and not have it influence the other. Link building is a perfect example of this. Most companies are not having articles written saying "we are the best" in blatantly obvious terms, what they are saying is "we know our stuff". Then, with the use of strategically placed keyword sets that link back to the company's website, they advertise without advertising.

By writing an authoritative article and linking it back to the company's website, both Online Marketing and Website Marketing are accomplished in the same instant. The company reaches out and connects with its target audience, and then directs them to their webpage.

There is going to be an ongoing debate for a while about whether content building or link building is better. We believe both go hand in hand. Writing great content and linking it back to the source website is the key to building popularity and sales. The great content builds authority and trust among the millions of potential customers out there. While the link building builds the popularity of the website itself. However, the website is where the content should be the most well written. If a website is putting great content out in articles, but has crappy content on its site the whole campaign is doomed to failure.

That is why it is best to have us write the content on your website if you have us write your articles. That way we can make sure that the best overall content is on the website, and the rest of the article content is just as good and leads potential customers back to the matching website content. This will make both the Online Marketing and Website Marketing campaigns a huge success.

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