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Our Video Creation services include, Online Videos, Website Videos, and YouTube Video Commercials. All of these Video creation services are different in nature. For instance, an Online Video can be a video blog about anything a company wants to convey to a target audience. While a Website Video may be an introduction to the website, and a way to put a face with the company. Finally a YouTube Video Commercial is just that, a video commercial or advertisement.

An Online Video can be a very useful tool. Let's say, for instance, that a company sells computer parts and repairs them as well. Having a video blog on "how to" do something will go a long way to establishing a solid customer base. The blog helps build credibility with the audience and increase authority as a trusted source for computer repair. Remember, anytime someone uses a search engine to type in a search query, they have a need that they want to have taken care of. Whether it is watching something entertaining, buying a product or service, learning about something, like in this case, how to do something with a computer to save themselves a repair bill. The customer watching the video is more likely to go back to that company to see any other useful information they have, and potentially buy something.

While an Online Video can be on the website, it is usually on another forum of some sort. A Website Video is strictly on the website. Website Videos can also be video blogs, or maybe an informational video. They are not very likely to be an advertisement for the company itself. They are more likely to be an informational video of some kind.

Let's go back to the company selling computer parts. There is a new computer component coming out on the market, and this company has a chance to talk with one of the lead technicians or designers. What better way to establish credibility with an audience than by posting a video of the interview. It gives the people on the site what they want, information stating that the company is an authority on computer parts.

Ever gone to YouTube, or maybe Flicker? Ever watched a video advertisement before the video you wanted to watch came on? While most all the longer advertisements have a skip option if one catches your eye you watch it. This is where YouTube Video Advertisements come into play. YouTube is the most viewed Internet video source out there. And with Google taking over and adding their contextual algorithms to YouTube searches, your YouTube Video Advertisement is more likely to hit your target audience than ever before.

Combining all of our Video Creation services in this manner lets us exponentially increase a website's visibility and build their credibility as an authority on a specific topic. This is what Internet marketing is all about. Building a brand, credibility, and generating concentrated traffic all ready to buy, subscribe, or refer your page to others.

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