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Blog Posting is an easy way to build website traffic and followers. Blog Postings on sites like Blogger, Weebly, Wordpress, etc. are an easy way of building Blog Backlinks pointing to a particular website. Blogs are useful for establishing a connection with customers and branding. The great thing about blog sites is that they are already set up for SEO. They have a navigation menu, and nearly all the pages are only a link or two away from the main navigation page. Another is that many blog sites allow people to receive live feeds from blogs they frequent. This is most advantageous for people and companies that want to bring people to their site.

Now, while Blog Posting on sites such as Blogger are a great way to get someone's name out there, it is much better to have a blog page on the website itself. This is for a couple of reasons. One, it adds to the authority of the site's owner(s). Second, and most importantly, it gets people to the actual website. This is the main reason anyone markets anything online: to get website traffic. Then to convert that traffic into sales, subscriptions, etc. Lastly, now that they are on the website's blog page, they can subscribe directly to the RSS feeds.

Another factor for Blog Posting is what is being blogged about. Blogging about interesting or entertaining subjects is great for interacting with potential customers. However to really brand a business and connect with customers, blogs like "how to", "tips and tricks", or "informational" go a long way towards building a company's credibility as an expert in a particular field.

We have mentioned Blog Backlinks a couple of times during this discussion. The term means the same as inbound links or backlinks. They are just generated from Blog Postings versus article submissions, Facebook posts, tweets, etc.

While Blog Backlinks are not as powerful as links from a relevant website with a high page rank, they are still inbound links that add popularity to a website. That is why it is important to maintain fresh and engaging content. It is, also, easy to build these links versus building links on a relevant website. Once the blog is written, all the subscribers automatically receive it and can share it. Also it can then be tweeted about, which is often then automatically posted on Facebook since those accounts are often linked for ease of sharing information. See how it becomes more viral?

We can take this and incorporate it into a personalized marketing campaign for our clients. We know how to analyze what our client's customers and potential customers want and need from our client's website. Then we take that knowledge and create Blog Postings that grab the attention of customers and potential customers. This gets them to then share it with friends, thus receiving more Blog Backlinks back to the website. Remember, people don't want to waste time finding the information they want. We will give them what they want to know and connect your audience to you in the process.

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